Ayurveda Each principle of Ayurveda is 5000 years old and contributes to health & order in the body. A body can tilt to diseases, that is, disorder at any time. In Ayurveda, deciphering the nature & the structure of the disorder is central to re-establishing the health of the body. Experience Ayurveda blended with innovations of modern medicine that deliver targeted medical concerns.


Yoga is a five-millennium old practice that is much deeper than fitness. Yoga uses meditation & postures to put the energy points in the body, known as chakras, in motion. The power harnessed from chakras can help achieve balance in the body that reduces the risk of diseases. In Rishikesh, we create holistic wellness by using ancient yogic sciences & harnessing the complete power by chakras.


Naturopathy is a lifestyle shift to sustain oneself in a non-toxic physical & psychological environment. It is consistently updated with scientific advancements. It is beneficial to consider naturopathy in case someone is not responding to conventional medicine as expected. Naturopath, when clubbed with other traditional principles of healing, is quite effective in creating a healthy life.

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