The name Panchakarma literally means five actions (Vamana - Vomiting, Virehana Purging, Vasti — Enema, Nasya — Nasal cleaning, Rakta Mokshanam-Blood Letting) This treatment relies on 5 basic cleansing techniques that purify the body. Panchakarma healing technique is a pillar on which majority of the ayurvedic treatments stand; the treatment essentially stabilizes the intrinsic balance of Tridoshas in one's body. In order to experience optimum health, it is essential to maintain strong digestive fire and dispose toxins from the body which helps to enhance healthy weight balance. It is a natural treatment that detoxifies and resonates the body’s inner balance and energy. Modi Yoga Retreat offers panchakarma program which starts with an intensive examination by physicians, which empowers them to prescribe a therapeutic treatment schedule according to an individual body type (prakriti), which in turn improves the metabolism and helps in curing and controlling acute and chronic diseases.

What are the panchakarmas?


is a medicated emesis therapy that removes Kapha toxins collected in the body and the respiratory tract.


is the medicated purgation therapy that cleanses the pitta and purifies blood, by clearing the toxins from the body, The treatment concentrates on the toxins that are accumulated in liver and gallbladder.


Basti is considered as mother of all Panchakarma treatments. In Basti medicated oil or ghee and an herbal decoction Is given as enema to cleanse the colon and increase the muscle tone.


Nasya karma is one among the panchakarma procedures in which medicine (Oil / Ghee / fresh herb juice / churna) is administered through the nasal route, Ayurveda implies that nostrils are the gateway to the head and medicines imparted through this way acts more effectively than other methods.

Rakta Mokshana

It means removing vitiated blood from the body. It is a localized treatment. Rakta Moksha Is carried out by using surgical instruments, Leeches and by other tools.

Package Inclusions

- Wellness drinks on arrival

- Accommodation and daily yoga sadhana

- Initial Consultation with our in house specialized doctors

- Prakriti parikshan / Pulse diagnosis

- Body composition analysis

- Initial consultation with the in house Yoga instructor

- Detox diet plan and sumptious nutritional food in this package

- Holistic treatment, alternate days as prescribe by the doctor

- Ganga Aarti will complete the divine experience as a part of spiritual practice

- Power walk by Ganges

- Final consultation with Ayurvedic Doctor and Yoga instructor


- Laundry Services

- Intravenous and intramuscular shots

- Oligoscan and other Anti-ageing therapies

- Transportation-Airport transfers and local sight seeing

- Adventure Activities-Wild Life Safari & White-Water Rafting

- Personal Yoga (Complimentary in Presidential Suite and Wow Suites)

- Lab tests and genetic tests

- Nutraceuticals/health supplements

- Ayurveda medicines

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