Metabolic & lifestyle disorders

Hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol, PCOD, thyroid, auto-immune diseases & others are all non-communicable yet chronic diseases common to us. These disorders are the silent killers of the body with an over 71% mortality rate collectively. Lifestyle conditions can be tackled in a three-step program where effective knowledge about cure, control & prevention are imparted to the participants.

Joint Pain

It is possible to manage joint pain harmlessly and without developing dependencies. This harmless way is to manage it with Ayurvedic techniques. Ayurveda focuses on more permanent and self applicable techniques using natural therapeutic ointments and a corrective lifestyle. Onboard the holistic wellness journey to healing the underlying cause of the pain.

Sleep care

Sleep-related problems are quite common & hinder the proper functioning of the brain & metabolism alike. It makes people physically, mentallyand socially disengaged. Sleep care requires non-invasive natural therapies to maintain the hormone level. A customised step by step program curated exclusively according to your needs works best while imparting sleep care.

Ayurveda Detox (Shodhan)

The average human puts many toxins in the body while performing daily activities. This causes inflammation & fluid buildup which is an indication that there is a need of detoxification. Natural detoxification of the body is essential for healthy living. Ayurveda detox or Shodhan uses medicinal ointments for a therapeutic experience that allows the consciousness to also relax.


Being overweight or underweight causes many diseases in the body, it is a disease itself. Such a condition requires sustainable treatment methods such as de-rooting the problem from the source and balancing doshas to avoid the body to relapse. Many state-of-the-art diagnostics & holistic therapies are included in the treatment to manage the disease & prevent the return of the disease.


The therapy of Panchkarma is based on ancient science of healthy living and wellbeing. It is a combination of 5 different treatments using medicinal oils and sattvic lifestyle. Panchkarma removes all the toxins (amas) from the body, balances the doshas of the body: Vatta, Pitta and Kapha , and helps manage any other conditions prevalent in the body.

Integrative gut healing

Our collective digestive system is the second brain of the body. What we eat and introduce to our stomachs has a major impact on our mood, gastric health, immunity system, bloodstream, and all our organs. Keeping this science in mind, we have designed the program using Ayurvedic methods of detoxification, repairing and normalising gut function. We ensure your second brain stays healthy.

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