Today chronic diseases spearheaded by Diabetes are playing havoc with human lives, diminishing both its quality and span. The root cause of diabetes is basically insulin resistance which gives rise to many other clinical conditions like obesity, heart disorders, hormonal issues, etc. Diabetes itself gives rise to many complications like diabetic retinopathy, diabetic neuropathy, diabetic nephropathy, diabetic foot etc. The Integrative Diabetes Management Program is designed not only to control/cure diabetes and its side effects but to also make you feel good inside out completely through natural methods. The program is based on 4P Principle – Preventive, Personalized, Participatory & Predictive.

Preventive- The program rectifies the metabolic damage and prepares the body against lifestyle disorders.

Personalized- The program is customized and tailor made as per the clinical needs, preferences and taste of the patient.

Participatory- The program makes the patient incharge of his/her own health. Rather than a reactive attitude, the patient becomes more proactive as far as his health is concerned.

Predictive- The metabolic assessment of the patient through various non-invasive and invasive tests predict whether the patient is prone to any secondary complications. The program further uses a 3M approach for management of the patient- Measure, Mentor and Monitor

Measure- The metabolic assessment of the patient is done through various questionnaires, blood markers, non-invasive diagnostic scans (Continuous glucose monitoring and Heart Rate Maximum(HRmax) monitoring etc.

Mentor- The functional medicine experts consult the patient and prepares program based on what was measured.

Monitor- After the program is over, the patient can choose to be monitored by our lifestyle experts at the facility.


Package Inclusions

- Wellness drinks on arrival

- Accommodation and daily yoga sadhana

- Initial Consultation with our in house specialized doctors

- Prakriti parikshan / Pulse diagnosis

- Body composition analysis

- Initial consultation with the in house Yoga instructor

- Detox diet plan and sumptious nutritional food in this package

- Holistic treatment, alternate days as prescribe by the doctor

- Ganga Aarti will complete the divine experience as a part of spiritual practice

- Power walk by Ganges

- Final consultation with Ayurvedic Doctor and Yoga instructor


- Laundry Services

- Intravenous and intramuscular shots

- Oligoscan and other Anti-ageing therapies

- Transportation-Airport transfers and local sight seeing

- Adventure Activities-Wild Life Safari & White-Water Rafting

- Personal Yoga (Complimentary in Presidential Suite and Wow Suites)

- Lab tests and genetic tests

- Nutraceuticals/health supplements

- Ayurveda medicines

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If you have any query we can help you with, feel free to book a slot with our holistic wellness advisors or talk to Abhya, our wellness hostess available on chat. We are committed to delivering top quality care to our patrons. Any feedback will also be appreciated here.

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