OPD/IPD Consultation

Modi Yoga Retreat has an outpatient department that provides diagnosis and treatment facilities to our patients. Our in house doctors and staff are ever present to handle any urgent medical needs of patients who do not need to be admitted overnight. Our expert physicians have been in the industry for years and have the experience to provide the right medical attention.

Online Doctor's Consultation

You can now book an online consultation session with our on-site Doctors who are well adept at accurately identifying the issue and providing the right guidance. This is also effective for patients who have stayed at our Retreat and moved back to their hometowns. The continued treatment of their ailments through online consultation provides a more long term curative approach to our treatment.

Physiotherapy Consultation

Physiotherapy is one of the most effective ways to restore, repair, or even maintain your body’s mobility, functionality, and overall wellbeing, Our Physiotherapists work with you on a one-to-one basis to help you participate in your own recovery in the best way possible.

Chiropractor Consultation

Our Chiropractors specialize in non-intrusive forms of treatment to deal with body and joint pains especially in backs, necks, knees, arms. While some people start seeing results from the first session itself, subsequent sessions are advisable for more chronic pains.

Online Yoga Session

Become a Yoga practitioner from the comfort of your home with the help of our online yoga sessions conducted by long-time practitioners and trainers. We conduct both individual and group Yoga sessions for a more active and engaging participation.

Online Meditation Session

In a World where short-term gratification is ever present and smartphones dictate our every step, 15 minutes of daily meditation can help you regain control of your day. Join our online meditation batches for groups and individuals to take some time to practice mindfulness and make your days more peaceful and positive.

Online Nutritional Counseling

Taking care of your health starts with taking care of how you fuel your body. After all, what you eat on a daily basis effects how you feel and behave. Schedule a consultation call with our Nutritionist to find the right balance of taste and nutrition that is sustainable for you.

Online Fitness Training

Staying fit does not necessarily require you to have a gym membership or expensive equipments at home. With our online fitness training sessions, we focus on covering all the bases from core strength, endurance and agility to flexibility. Join the fitness revolution that is enabling thousands to form ideal workout routines that they can do from home.


If you have any query we can help you with, feel free to book a slot with our holistic wellness advisors or talk to Abhya, our wellness hostess available on chat. We are committed to delivering top quality care to our patrons. Any feedback will also be appreciated here.

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